What's Happening @ the 35th

Brown Bear Sighting

After a “change of schedule” after lunch meeting at Post 35 in South Portland there was a sighting of a Bear climbing a ladder wearing “Camo-pants” and it appears it is replacing some missing flashing on the front of the Post.

Truth be told, and less interesting than a tall tale, is that after the 1:00 PM January meeting at Post 35 that the Sgt.at Arms, Ross Fehnel, wearing a Bear jacket helped fix the missing flashing. The flashing blew off in a past storm and being one of the younger members of the Post volunteered to assist in the repair. 1st Vice Commander Wes Splettstoesser and Adjutant Mike Pock were more than happy to hold the ladder. Both of the afore mentioned Post officer were strictly warned, upon threat of life, not to ascend said ladder. Ken Marston, a 52 year Post member, was heard to say “It’s about time someone beside myself is going up that ladder”. Ken did the job of heavy looking on. Unfortunately Old Posts usually have Old Members and it is just another reason to recruit younger Vets.

We have the tools, the talent and the time we don’t have young members. And that can be taken two ways.

Michael R. Pock - Adjutant

Thanksgiving Wreath at Post 35

Adjutant Michael Pock contacted the local representative, Jennifer Kirk, for Wreaths Across America about a wreath for the Post. On Wednesday 23 November Jennifer and Michael removed the wreath from the box and assembled the wreath with small flags provided by WAA. The small flags were for each branch of the service plus the Coast Guard, Merchant Marines and the POW/MIA flag. The little flags were placed into a small wooden star according to a layout provided by WAA.

Wreaths Across America plans to have a parade thru Portland at 6:00PM on December 11th.

Michael R. Pock - Adjutant

Clam Basket Letter of Appreciation

On October 30th 2022 Post Commander - Guy Linscott, 1st Vice Commander - Wes Splettstoesser and member Ken Marston presented the owner of the Clam Basket, Keven Thurlow, with a Letter of Appreciation and a plaque to be displayed in his restaurant.

The award was given to Mr. Thurlow for his service to the community in the suppling of seafood and cold slaw to Post 35 for their now annual “Lobster Roll Lunch”. Member Ken Marston has been an employee of the Clam Basket in Scarborough for a great number of years and thru his friendship with Mr. Thurlow has been able to provide picked lobster meat and cold slaw at cost to the Stewart P. Morrill Post in South Portland.

This award has been long overdue and postponed during to recent COVID 19 epidemic. Although the epidemic as in full swing in 2021 the Post continued to have the event. The 2021 event was not as successful as the 2020, and 2022 event but it continued not the less. Post 35 has continued to improve the lunch and looks forward to Labor Day weekend in 2023.

Michael R. Pock - Adjutant

Post 35 Bottle Drive

Post 35 Fall Update

Well we made it thru Summer and as the leaves start to turn and fall we look forward to getting back to meeting and taking care of Business at the Post. I will try to update everyone on what has happened since Spring..

We have been doing some renovations at the Post. Last January we “Dropped the Ceiling” in the Main Room and Foyer. New lighting and the fan was updated. February we had a “Smoke Event”. (By the time the Fire Department arrived the Fire was out.) After extensive wall and soffit repair we are up and running again. Once the ceiling was done we had the walls painted, Past Commanders pictures cleaned and rehung and finally the floor refinished. All of the expenses were covered by our more than successful “Bottle Drive”. We hope to end the Bottle Drive before Halloween.

The main reason for this message is threefold. First – The South Portland War Veterans Memorial Association will be holding a meeting shortly to organize the Annual Veterans Day Parade and Wreath Ceremony on November 11th. Second – The October Monthly meeting will be held at the Post on October 22nd (Saturday) at noon. The meeting will follow a Lobster Stew and Chili Lunch with Cold Slaw and Corn Bread Muffins. All are invited and any guest you want to bring. Please RSVP Adjutant Pock pockcarpentry@maine.rr.com. Third – Remember that we usually send out Thanksgiving Baskets each year. Due to the cost of supplies, Turkeys are now $20.00 each, we will only send out 10 Baskets. If you know of a Vet that really needs a basket let us know as they are 1st priority.

Finally, although I said only three, there are always membership dues. I realize that your 2022 membership doesn’t run out till December 31st I would appreciate getting ahead of the game. Presently we have 69 of our 101 members paid up for 2023. You will just get “bugged” by National until your 2023 dues is paid. So just pay your 2023 dues and throw their whole game off.

See you for Lunch and Meeting on the 22nd.

Michael R. Pock - Adjutant

Post 35 Bottle Drive

On June 1st 2021 Stewart P. Morrill started a Bottle Drive to collect funds to suspend the ceiling In the Main Meeting Room in their Post. Fast Forward to 9/17/2022 and some 200,000 bottles and cans later the Ceiling Job is done, walls painted and floor refinished and completely paid for from “Bottle Money”. 200,000 bottles at 5 cents apiece come to roughly $10,000.00. Coupled with renting of the building Post 35 is slowly rebuilding their Post one room at a time. Stewart P. Morrill Post is in a building that is over 100 years old and has housed the American Legion since 1932. Over the 102 year there have been 70 plus Commanders and all have left their mark.

Commander Linscott has pulled the Post off the auction block and turned it into one of the most productive Posts in the District if not the Department. Linscott a former salesman can get things done and people motivated. The bottle drive is now looking for another project, as well as, local causes to build the Legion and the community.

Michael R. Pock - Adjutant

Stewart P. Morrill Post 35 3rd Annual Lobster Roll Lunch


Saturday September 3rd the members of Post 35 in South Portland held their third Annual Lobster Roll Lunch. The Post located on the Portland waterfront made a wonderful backdrop for a nice warm and refreshing outdoor event.

The Post purchased picked lobster meat for a local restaurant at a very reasonable price and the “Cooks” Ken Marston, Skip Farr, Paul Thibault and Ed Seymourian mixed the meat and stuffed the buns. Carmine Farr and Mannie Janosik pre-packed the bags with Chips and a Cookie that went with the Roll, Cold Slaw and a Soda. The “Bargain Price” was $15.00 that was gladly collected by Mary Neal. Commander Linscott “worked the crowd” and Adjutant Pock was the “Gopher”. Don Warming, Bob Hughes, John Janosik, Tony Batchelor and Joe Tuffs were in charge of keeping things moving in the eating area.

TTotal Revenue from Lobster Roll Lunch $1,195.74