What's Happening @ the 35th

Fire Job at Post 35 Reaps Unexpected Bonus

Michael Pock the Adjutant at Post 35 is a Self-Employed Carpenter when he isn’t managing the facilities at Post 35. As Facilities Manager he schedules all of the events and rentals for the Post in addition to dealing with Utility, Telephone and Heating Oil contract. Pock has a BS in Accounting and runs his own Carpentry Business. On February 7th when the Post had a “Fire Incident” Pock, doing business as, Pock Carpentry LLC took on the task of getting the “Lights Back On” and the Post was only shut down for one (1) day. The next morning Mike and 2nd Vice Commander Tony Batchelor were there cleaning up the debris left by the fireman. Once the Demo was done Mike and Tony started the reconstruction. Five (5) wall sections that had to be rebuilt and part of the ceiling and wall in the furnace room that needed repair. After two months of on and off work the project is complete with floors and wall repaired and painted and some electrical upgrades. Mike charged a rate comparable with any local contractor for a “Rush Job”. Post 35 depends on its rental income to keep open and support local and veteran activities so getting back “up and running” was very important.

Because of the increased labor cost Pock Carpentry LLC was able to return part of their payment to the Post to defray the deductible amount subtracted by the Insurance. Over all the reconstruction only cost the Post about $2,200.00. The total job ran around $13,900.00 far below that normal local contractor cost, If you could get them. Pock Carpentry LLC and additional donators returned around $3,000.00 to the Post.

This is just another example how the members of Post 35 work together to keep our over 100 year old Post still an active member of the South Portland Community.

Michael R. Pock - Adjutant

Local Chief Selectees Paint at Post 35

On Thursday April 14th a small group of Chief Petty Officer Selectees from the Local Coast Guard Base and Cutter helped out with a paint project at Post 35.

Post 35 recently had a small fire and after the repairs were completed Commander Linscott and Adjutant Pock struck up an agreement with the Chief Petty Officer Association for a painting party. The Arrangement is part of a long standing barter system between the two concerned parties, the CPOA and Post 35. Annually the CPOA has a “New Chief Petty Officer Orientation” that is held at the Post. The Orientation starts with a breakfast and then some Coast Guard Formalities throughout the day ending in the “selectees” becoming fully fledged Chief Petty Officers.

As part of their Orientation there is a “Community Service” requirement and it works out well for Post 35 who just so happen to need some painting at their Post. So we don’t charge for the use of the Post and they don’t charge for painting. This arrangement works out very well for both parties. Our walls have been repaired and now painted and we will continue to be a place to meet in South Portland.

Michael R. Pock - Adjutant

Post 35 Bottle Drive

Stewart P. Morrill American Legion Post #35 is having an ongoing Bottle Drive to raise money to put toward a new ceiling, lighting and a floor resurfacing in the Main Meeting Room at the Post. A Post member designed and built a collection box and member Joe Tufts made a very attractive sign to catch people’s eye as they drive by the Post. Earlier the Coast Guard placed a basket in the same location and collected around $600.00 worth of bottles. We hope to cash in on local generosity with our drive.

Our Bottle Drive started on July 24th and to date we have collected close to $1,800.00 in bottles. Collection, Bagging and Redeeming has become a second, non-paying, job for most of the Post leadership. We appreciate the time spent and look forward to the finished product. At this time there is no ending date.

Post 35 will be adding several local Charities to their budget this year in order to continue our goal of being more Community Oriented.

Michael R. Pock - Adjutant

Post 35 Lobster Lunch

On the Labor Day Weekend the members of South Portland Post 35 held their 2nd Annual Lobster Lunch. Based on their very successful Lobster Lunch of 2020 the committee went forward with a plan to make 200 lobster lunches. he Lobster Lunch consisted of a lobster roll of 3 oz., Cold Slaw, Potato chips and a soda or water for $15.00.

Unfortunately the expected crowd did not appear and although the Post did not lose money there were several members who purchased lobster meat at market price to take home for stews and sandwiches. The Post had however a very good turnout of members to work on the lunch and Post Spirit was more valuable than the income received. Next year we will hopefully learn from our experience.