What's Happening @ the 35th

Post 35 hosts 100th Birthday Party

Frank Carroll, formally living at the “Betsy Ross” house in South Portland celebrated his 100th Birthday as a guest of Post 35. Frank is a WWII Vet who was wounded on Iwo Jima while serving as a signalman in the US Navy. Frank was ashore with the Marines with a searchlight directing incoming landing crafts.

While in a fox hole Frank suffered damage to his ears because of a hand grenade. I can’t imagine that he thought much about being a target for a Japanese Sniper with a big spotlight next to him.

Billings Ramp

On the complete success of the Galt Ramp in South Portland District #2 Adjutant Dave Tanguay asked Pock Carpentry LLC to design and construct, with the help of Post 148 volunteers, a ramp fo Elliott “Bud” Billings.

Dave presented the Bill of Materials to the local Lowe’s store who supplied the material delivered by Post 148 members.

August 16th Michael Pock, from Post 35, arrived on site to greet 5 volunteers who proceeded to construct the much needed ramp for Bud Billings. Again thru good business practices $400.00 was returned to the Department of Maine, who originally financed the build thru VEAFP funds.

Both Bud and his wife were completely pleased with the project that enabled them more freedom of movement in their lives.

Photos are of Bud and his ramp

Post 35 Installs 2021-2022 Slate of Officers

At the regular meeting at Post 35 in South Portland 2nd District Adjutant Dave Tanguay and 2nd District Service Officer Eugene Connolly officiated over the installation and giving of warrants to the following Post 35 Officers:

Commander – Guy Linscott, 1st Vice Commander – Wes Splettstoesser, 2nd Vice Commander – Anthony “Tony” Batchelor, Finance Officer – Doug Kohnke, Adjutant – Michael Pock, and Chaplain – Howard “Skip” Farr. Sergeant at Arms – Ross Fehnel was absent and will be awarded his warrant at a later date. All Officers, with the exception of Doug Kohnke are returning to their positions. Doug is a recent transfer from Oregon and is replacing Ken Marston who has served as Finance Officer for over 25 years.

Michael Pock - Adjutant